100th Post. 9/20.

Exactly a month and 100 posts ago...I started this blog.

And I'd never imagine people would actually read it

So i want to take this time to thank everyone who has.

I love the support, the feedback, everything. You all help, you all matter.

Just do me a favor, and enjoy yourself.

*Pauses Food & Liquor II...takes off headphones*

Twas the story i was told.

I can't help but feel like most of the childhood and teenage experience has passed me by.

Spent about 90% of my life locked inside of the house

Playing games, Watching T.V, Listening to music, and using Google.

So i guess in a sense...I wished i would have lived it up a it more

But whatever, i'll have more lifetimes to enjoy myself


Out of all though, I think that this is the one that i've been anticipating the most.
It seems like just yesterday I was saying that i would be dead before i reached this age

Heh...anticipated oding off of drugs, or my loud mouth getting me beat and hospitalized.

Who would have known i'd still be here.

I still remember one dream I had in particular when i was younger

I was on a bed, in an all white room. And two people...I think they were watching me.

Two "parents" And i could have swore that there was a third person there or something...But it was too bright.

And then i woke up

Feeling a gradual change, as i type and bask.


I never wanted to reveal my age on here, but you would have found out eventually.

Wish i didn't have a birthday...maybe i don't.

But...ha...Today marks the beginning...you'll all see one day.

I swear.

Anyway...i'll be back with the aftermath tomorrow.

Spread the love, Spread the word.

Back into existence...

Shouts to Zodiac...*plays birthday song*.

~September 20th.10:37A.M.~