So I just got back from a dream

I was playing football with 3 midgets, it was literally 3v1.

Shit was cool.

Anyway, people are starting to give the internet way too much credit.

Every argument it's the same thing. I say "prove it" they say "look it up, google it."

The problem with this, is that with the internet you can find anything you look for.

If you want to find people backing up your argument, you'll find it.

If you want to find people to prove you wrong, you'll find it.

Basically, if it exists...There's a porn of it. And that says a lot.

If you can't prove it to me to my face, or show the consequence of whatever you're talking about

And how it's a bad thing, or how it's a proven fact. Then you're not saying anything

But just believing the first thing that conflicts with a belief that you were born into

Humans tend to do that a lot.

By the way, unless we're getting married, or you plan on having my kids.

PLEASE don't ask me what I'm doing with my life.

If you're not contributing to one of the latter, then it shouldn't concern you.

Maybe I'm just too stubborn.

But yo,

I'm losing weight, i haven't eaten, it's 4pm again.

And I'm about to piss myself.