Women, B|tches, hoes

This applies for both genders(for some of it), I will be using "she" because that's easier for me.

Hoes never really start off like that, they usually start off just a shy girl who's VERY curious.

And the only reason that she isn't a hoe yet, is because she hasn't had the particular circumstances for the transition to occur just yet.

All it takes is one time and one day.....and one guy.

I don't feel like getting into double standards right now. We all know the business.

These are the girls that you always see trying to "chill" with somebody or staying over someone's house to "chill" or consistently uploading half naked pictures and then complain about heart break 24/7 because the guys she attracts only want her for sex.

As a man, I can tell a bad man from a mile away, but it seems as if women aren't too good at doing that. Hence why this never happens in reverse roles...unless the woman is a gold digger.

You do not want to wife a hoe.

You can't turn her faithful or into a housewife. It never stops, it just slows down.

The two things I do however like about hoes. Is their honesty, and willingness.

I've never met a hoe who has denied every single rumor about her self.

Sure they may fabricate the stories a little, but I'd have a hard time admitting some of that nasty shit too.

And willingness, you can pretty much get them to do anything...

Just annoys me seeing two hoes argue about whose the bigger hoe. Like honestly you're both hoes, no one cares.


These are the ones who I believe were on the track to becoming a hoe, but turned around at the last second.

The ones who act like they're better than everyone, usually conceited, and are constantly reiterating how much they don't need a man or hate them.

These are the ones who if they have a boyfriend, they're more inclined to be cheated on.

Just like a woman likes to be catered to, a man likes to feel like a king.

And if you treat him like his presence isn't necessary, of course he'll go to someone who won't do that.

Long story short, no one likes a bitch.


This is basically all in perspective.
Just like how women have a lot of different point of views of what real men are, men have different points of view of what real women are.

And basically if you don't fall into the last two categories then you're already more than halfway there.

But then again.

It is all perspective...


I love y'all.