Why? High School Incident.

Alright so...After about 3 hours of sleep, I'm woken up by this story

Of a 10th grader shooting a 17 year old in the back

With a shotgun on the first day of school.

The school being Perry Hall High School.

What's crazy is that I went to summer school there

And a lot of people i know went to school there just recently.

Anyway...here's what they say on the story so far on an actual news website.

"Investigators say the shooting was a random act. It reportedly happened in the school cafeteria at 10:45 a.m. Officials say they believe the shooter was in the cafeteria and being teased.
Several roads in the area have been blocked in response to the incident, and the school has been placed on lockdown.
Parents on the scene say they have heard the shooting suspect was armed with a shotgun. ABC2 has yet to confirm that information.

Read more: http://www.abc2news.com//dpp/news/crime_checker/baltimore_county_crime/police-investigating-reports-of-school-shooting#ixzz24laiveA9"

So you're telling me, the kid just RANDOMLY had a shotgun on the first day of school.

RANDOMLY had a shotgun on the first day of school.
RANDOMLY had a shotgun on the first day of school.
RANDOMLY had a shotgun on the first day of school.

Some kid RANDOMLY decided to start teasing him

And after being teased, he pulled it out and shot the guy in his back. 


I know I'm not the only one who knows that this story sounds fishy as hell.

If you've ever been to school, you know that over the summer, shit goes down.

From speculation, I'm guessing that they got into some beef over summer

And through the summer, they never met up and handled it...

So before school started back up, there was a lot of shit talking

Like "Yeah nigga i'll get you when i see you on the first day!"

"Nah you not gonna do nothing pussy!" 

School finally starts back up...

And bam...You get this news. 

Either way...whatever the real story may be concerning the shooting. 

That's not cool...At all. 

I send my concerns regarding both of the boys families. 

This is part of the reason why I'm stressing optimism here. 

But even being optimistic doesn't mean being gullible, we all know when something is up.

And I can see why people are freaking out...Like that could have been you. 

As said before, nothing new is under the sun.

Unless injustice is given, don't start protesting for an invisible cause. 

I see people on facebook already talking about going up there and possibly shooting someone

If it happened to someone that they new.

This circle of violence won't solve a single thing...

*sigh* People could care less about a situation until they start being included in it. 

And since this is close, I see a lot of people caring. 

Time inevitably heals everything

Or people forget

Call it whatever you want but it's


Just a shame...

First day to school, and could be his last day of his life.

For both of them.

Hope for the best. 

Spread the love, spread the word.