So today and the last few days have been pretty peculiar to say the least.

Starting to see shit again, and my dreams are turning OD bad.

And two things in this world should never mix...

Porn, and Zombies.

A porn star...Initials being S.L. Was performing a scene, and out of nowhere

A zombie appeared and ate her knee cap...ONLY her knee cap.

Didn't kill her, turn her into a zombie, nope. He just wanted a tasty kneecap.

After that, I experienced someone being punched and then stabbed in the throat

Over, and over, and over.

Both of these scenes were playing in the dream over and over.

I ran :(.

But anyway, I managed to catch the moneypak virus for the third time.

From going to a certain site...Needless to say i have switched my sources since then.

Basically, the moneypak virus appears, and basically it's an F.B.I page that takes up your entire screen.

You cannot click out of it, even CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn't work. It just doesn't.

And it demands that you pay $200 to get it taken from off of your screen.

It says something about you having illegal content on your computer...

Oh! and it even cuts on your webcam if you have one

So be ready to say "Hi!" to whoever that's possibly spying on you.

Not gonna lie, I was scared. Good thing i looked it up first before notifying someone.

I broke the pact by the way...So my new date is 08/28/12

I couldn't resist...*sigh* damned pop ups.

Let's see how long i last this time.

*clears history*