Thinking of my old heart.

Every guy has a girl that he can talk to on a friendly level

This particular girl was my girlfriend back in my youth

We had our ups and downs...Over time we just decided it'd be better if we just

Didn't date, I was cool with that.

But we still kinda talked on a flirty level

Some time passes, she gets a boyfriend, and they're enjoying each other

Before you know it, you're just another guy in her life

No longer expresses care for you

I mean it's understandable, but sh*t.


Before you know it, years have gone by, and we know relationships

Sometimes take breaks, or at least have the time period where they're both mad at each other.

During these time periods, you begin to notice that she only talks to you

When her boyfriend and her aren't working out...

And you become the guy who magically appears back within her existence

As a...hmm I guess as a "treat" while her full course meal is still being prepared.

At first I had no problem at all with this, but after awhile it just dawns upon you

That the feelings she once had aren't even there anymore

She just acts like they are when her life isn't going to well, to get your attention back.

Honestly, if I was getting sex as a result of this, I wouldn't have a single problem with it

But I'm not gaining anything

And it sucks.


I'd love to put an end to it, and I will

But we all know once that time comes back around

I'll be the same pain addicted puppy naively waiting

To be fed

By a temporary-neglectful owner.