The Heat

Live from the toilet yet again. I gotta stop drinking milk.

But today is a really off day...stayed up all night and woke up around 6pm.

To say the least it was the wrong side of the bed that I got from off of.

And the heat didn't help at all, no one likes waking up sticky and sweating.

The heat makes people cranky and rude for the most part. The amount of conflicts always goes up when the temperature goes up.

Not blaming anyone.

So ATM everything is annoying me. And I have no patience. Surely a few ice cubes never hurt anyone.

I'd rather be cold than hot.

But then again, everyone says that in the summer...then when winter comes "I can't stand this cold weather".

You just can't satisfy humans no matter what. It's ridiculous. Someone is always doing something wrong in someone else's eyes.

It's time to just suck it up and call it a day.

People crying over not getting a new tv or some clothes. Talking about how bad life is.

You know how many homeless, starving people would LOVE to have your life? Your right to complain is being overused.

Spoiled children get me with this the most.

Especially if somethin is free, then there's really no point to complaining about it.

You put in nothing but yet you get somethin...and you still complain about what you got.


*sigh...flushes the toilet*