Television and Nature.

Possibly mans worst but best creation of all time, is the television.

Television has created A particular group of people who automatically believe in dramatic fantasies.

Essentially becoming a religion that controls people through sounds and dots of light.

It normally displays only one point of its side, with no real way to find any conflicting points.

And if you manage to find a channel, you must abide by the times of the viewing in able to see what you want.

And even still, the possibility of a let down is still pretty high.

Whereas on a computer, you have much more control over what you view.

You decide what pops up on your screen, you are essentially your computers god.

Once my mom disconnected the Internet, I saw that as a punishment, but I had done nothing wrong.

Long story short, I flipped. So instead of staying in the house, I went for a walk.

Eventually I ended up deep in the woods.

Just angry, but there's not much time to be angry when you're alone surrounded by animals.

Just walking around, consistently begging for an answer from nature, the truth behind anything.

Chanting a name to the trees over and over and over.

But for some reason, I felt relaxed. Almost as if I was at home. And nature accepted me.

Of course the bees, dragon flies and spider webs werent exactly fun.

It was good to just get away from everything for once.

Eventually my paranoia got the best of me and I left.

I never spit in the grass.

But you know what I learned?