Smoking. 2nd.

Despite narrowly slipping through the first time, I still don't regret it

As such, I try this again (there were a few times before this, but not as important)

So I meet up with some dude with school, I'll call him "T".

Asks me if I'm tryna match...I'm like alright cool. We meet up with some other dude


And we keep it moving. We had to have waited about 45 mins for this man to show up with the stuff.

Anyway, he gets there. We get the stuff, and move out.

We meet up with some other guy...And they dap each other up

Oh look at that...They're all crips. As if i wasn't paranoid enough.

I keep it on chill though...We knock out about two of them

Mind you this guy can't roll for shit. The J0!n+ looks like E.T's finger.

Some dude calls, we move across the neighborhood and get 3 more.

This new dude has the entire "how-to kit" on his MJ

Like...The grinder...fancy lighter...20 bags.

Long story short, 5 j0!n+s and it's cold as fuck out side, i decide to go home.

I get in, first thing i do is look in the bathroom mirror.

Yep, used tampon like last time. Except this time, I wasn't so lucky.

I go to try and get my food, and my mom runs up on me in the kitchen

Before even saying anything, she tells me to look at her

(Moms got that 6th sense im tellin you)

And of course...She sees my eyes...asked me if i did anything

All I could do was laugh, even though there wasn't a damned thing funny about it.

She then contemplates telling my dad...2 days later she does.

I don't get yelled at, instead he ignores me for a few days

I felt bad, honestly. Being ignored by a parent is no fun.

This day was February 13th 2012.

Haven't done it since...But I have...

You know what, I already said it.