Smoking. 1st.

Story telling time again.

I first started smoking back in...2011

Think it was sometime in september or october.

Before this i tries the whole...doing a cigarette one time thing .Didn't like it, decided weed was a better option.

So friend invites me over, I'm sorta nervous but whatever

I grab a little beer out of the fridge before i leave and dip out the house

We drive over to the place(yes, place). And they immediately begin getting the stuff out

weed...papers...yeah. It's about 3 of us in the place

They get all of the stuff ready, pass me the first one. Me not paying attention thinking it was gonna be one small j0!n+ being passed around, they already prepared three.

Cool, they hot box the entire room. (ya know...closed windows, towels under the door...etc...)

Start it up

I'm looking clueless as f(_)ck, confused as how to even do it

So I observe for a bit, see what's goin on and try it

First puff

Damn near coughed my lungs out, and my throat was burning. But i was starting to get a hang of it... We finish, it's smoke all around the room with no way to escape

(There was a cat on the roof, like wtf)

Anyway, my throat still feels like it's ripping itself out, i tolerate it though...I don't want to feel like too much a newbie, so i just play it off like im cool.

I'm honestly not feeling anything, confused as hell, thinking I wasn't doing it right or somethin, but they're acting goofy as hell.

These _______ decide to play this video

(Do you have any idea how funny that is while you're up? )

We start listening to Wiz Khalifa n stuff, shit that i'd never regulary listen to. Personally I think he sucks...

But for some reason It was sounding better than it ever has

I was trippin shit, callin this nigga underrated and the GOAT.

Pop out the little beer, start drinking that...Tastes like shit, and it's warm as balls by now.

But iuncuur, I was up.

We go to the store, I'm trippin balls outside. Get to the store for some snacks and I'm paranoid as hell

Thinking people are gonna see my eyes and be like "O_O" or some shit. I don't know why I even cared.

Whatever, get to walking back out...And I see about 3 silhouettes walking up the street towards us.

(Mind you we in the cut, and I'm with some white boys)

I'm damn near 20 feet from them and i cannot identify their faces for SHIT

My vision is fucked, and I could be facing a fight.

But...somehow they knew me


Me: uh...Wassup?!

I honestly was scared as hell, And I start rapping "In a Jam - Charles Hamilton" After they left

We get back to the house, we're chillin for a bit, before someone just runs up in the room

(Meanwhile this guy is blasting Enter The Dragon on t.v, the volume on 50 or 60.)

Some guy named Josh.L. Apparently he was supposed to be looking after the house and feeding the pets while the family wasn't there...

So now...I realize we just got lit up in a house that we weren't even supposed to be in

He threatens to have us put in jail and stuff...calling the cops. 

Long story short, i decide to leave. But before I do, i go to check my eyes in the mirror, to see if im decent enough to go home.

My eyes look like a used tampon. They promised...well one of the guys promised that he'd have eye drops...Oh surprise surprise, he doesn't have them..


So I'm like okay f it, i spray some air freshener on me and start heading back.

Head home, I'm safe...Thank goodness.

But what was weird...When I woke up in the morning

I noticed I was receiving a call from an unknown number

So I answer..."Hello?" "Yeah is this Josh?" "...Why?" "Oh this is Josh from yesterday"

How in the F**K did he get my number? No one in that room had my shit.

Basically gives me this lecture about how what I did isn't cool...About how the people I was with were bad friends...Asking if i knew the address of the other people... And if he saw us there again then he'd call the police.

This guy is in the illuminati.

Anyway...If there's one thing I learned from that one day

Is that I love spicy and sweet Doritos.