So I wake up to my mom yelling at my sister over some "nasty text message"

Before being awoken, I had quite an interesting dream...

I was told that I'm cute, but not cute like a "hip-hop person"

But I have as much attraction as a "synchronized swimmer"


Anyway, yo, am I the only one whose seen a future event within a dream?

I bring it up in regular conversation and people act as if I'm the weirdo.

It's like Deja-Vu, but better.

Which leads me to question, what if destiny really exists?

As if the road map for your life had already been drawn out, the fork roads and all.

Yet every once and awhile, your brain allows you to take a sneak peak into it.

But through other states of mind, such as...

Meditation, Sleeping, Drugs(wouldn't prefer a lot) Etc...

That you can't, or don't know how to access in regular situations such as this one.

They say over time your third-eye(notice rappers catching onto this stuff? Shouts to Ab-Soul and Charles Hamilton...*sighs* even Soulja Boy) DID get a lot smaller...So who knows what you'd be capable of.
(another reason I don't drink water/use flourinated toothpaste)

Yo, where could I possess some DMT? They say you shouldn't take it alone

Yet your body produces DMT on it's own, and it's responsible for your dreams, along with your third-eye.

(Wouldn't show in an urine test I'm guessing.)

And somehow this is found in millions of plants, which you can actually extract it from... yet is more illegal than cocaine.


Anyway It's 4pm, and I just woke up, so