This is often a popular subject, mostly having to do with homosexuality.

Looking outside today...I see more and more people are crossing the fence.

Now, i'll point this out now, i have no problem with homosexuals.

Their beliefs go in the same category as religious beliefs, or anything else, meaning...

That I won't attack their lifestyle, unless they attack mine first.

It honestly all seems like either a trend, or some big plan.

Such as population control, honestly.

The promotion of condoms is ridiculous, mass disease spreading everywhere, people getting cancer left and right. And celebs are trying to turn the entire world gay. Vastly slowing down the rate of population.

Not saying that anything is really wrong with it, considering I'm on fence.

But it seems like I'm the only one who notices it.


I'm pretty sure that almost all girls have a little "gay" in them. Well, at least all of the ones who i know.

They get really...uh...Let's just say when they're alone they really get to know each other.

But at the rate of everyone coming out of the closet at the same time makes it seem as if it's a trend.

If you want to talk about unfair, men have a much harder time being gay than what women do for the most part.

In fact, some men actually like seeing girl on girl action.

But you don't see women being killed for their sexuality or even being heckled as often as men, unless by their parents.

Buuut, I feel almost as if, i can tell when a girl is bi, gay...whatever

It's something about their smile and the way they look

Almost as if their smile is too...guilty or pushed.

And they'll look TOO pretty, or girly...Going the whole 9 yards.


They'll dress like boys...or try to act like them.

Same goes with guys.

Yet they still use dildos. Which resembles a...Hmm nevermind.


Here we go.

There seems to be some power within being gay, or performing gay acts on this earth for some reason.

Take a look at the music industry, certain artists have actually came out and mentioned

How other people(maybe them too) have done homosexual acts in order to get something done.

Some rappers who have said this, DMX, Cassidy, Charles Hamilton, Raz B...etc...

This is nothing new at all, but why exactly?

For blackmail purposes?

There's plenty of more ways to go about doing that.

Which leads me to believe that there's something beyond physical means

To explain for the particular acts that these people go through.


Who or what REALLY has the most power on this earth.

As far as humans controlling humans goes.

Think about it.