Most of the time when people are asked what are they scared of

They take the easy route out...

Such as "I'm not scared of nothing!"


"I'm not scared of nothing except for GOD!"

I'm honestly getting tired of all of these liars...

Most people would flip out just being in the same room as a cicada.

I remember flying down a hill on my back when I was younger

I'm talkin bout so fast that my eyes are watering.

And out of nowhere, one of these things smack me right across my forehead

I fly off my bike, scrape my knees all up, and my bikes brakes are messed up for some reason.


Anyway...I think the one thing I fear is being tortured.

Imagine someone using a rusty screwdriver and forcing it under your finger nail until it pops up

And then after that pouring...You know what

Just read this

Shit ain't no joke..."The knee splitter"

After that, you'll know why. But, i'll post my top 3 favorite...

3. The Spanish Donkey

Basically they sat you upon the pointy wedge, as if you're riding a donkey, and then attached weights to your legs, heavier, or lighter. Eventually, the weights, plus your own body weight will cause the wedge to split your body entirely in half.

2. The Head Crusher

It's pretty much what it looks like, you places your head upon the base beam, and the cap goes on top of your head, they turn the thing at the top to increase pressure upon your head. First your teeth are broken, which also are driven into your gums and jaw. Then your eyes are squeezed from your sockets, they literally pop out. And finally, everything inside your head is basically forced out, and your skull is broken. Fun? No.

1. Crocodile Shears

Oh buddy. This was usually used in medieval times, whenever someone tried, or did assassinate the king.
It's a crocodiles mouth, narrow tube, lines with sharp iron teeth. The teeth were heated until they were red hot, after that...They were applied to an erect penis. Which after being closed down upon it with enough pressure, when then torn away from the victims body. Leaving him with...Well...Pretty much nothing. 

Now, what are you scared of?