Right and Wrong

"There is no right or wrong, only popular opinion" -Some guy/girl/species/organism

I can agree with that, but to an extent. Honestly think about it.

You're only offended by someone calling you a name, because society told you to be.

But popular opinion has it's limits.

Personally, I could never wrap my mind around raping someone or killing someone...

As "positive".  But maybe it's society who taught me that. Whose to say how we'd turn out without the teachings we were raised upon.


Imagine a world without punishment.(being locked up, fined...etc..)

Everything is fair game...Wait

I think that's called the natural order.

Police would be out of a job, jails would be empty...

Like a world without "sin"

But guess who would be out of a job by at least, if not more than 50%?

Balance/Moderation is key.