Story telling time, gather your whatevers

Crisscross Apple Sauce. No Junie B. Jones or Captain Underpants this time students.

Not even 3 days into highschool and people are already hating me. Was it my arrogance?

Sarcasm can hurt feelings.

***8th grade***

This was my wanna be "thug" phaze that everyone goes through at one point or another...

Nearly getting in fights I know I wasn't ready for...

Didn't work too well, got peer pressured into kissing a girl

How could I possibly let someone else control my own actions?

Shit is weak.

***9th Grade***

Started my dreads this year.

Anyway, already getting dirty looks as if people want to break my jaw, not even sure what I did.

Full of naive enjoyment and depression.

From almost getting in a fight with a dyke, who just so happened to be a crip, with a knife on her.

To borderline getting beat up/stomped on in the gym locker room.

From listening to rock music and wearing all sorts of accessories...

To eating sugar packets and being made fun of.

From having the arguably smallest wardrobe in the entire school

To massive acne, even on the first day of school, cyst on the side of my face.

And on my eye lid.

Nearly failed, summer school was cool though, no doubt. Even met a snowbunny.

Who else could turn 6 shirts and one pair of shoes into 30 days and still be "cool"?
. forward...10th grade.

I honestly don't remember much from this year...

Had a girlfriend for a few months, first one i actually kissed in public.

She had a boogie in her nose and I didn't even tell, so evil I was.

Felt like such a boss, could feel my confidence raising.

Was confident that one of my teachers was a kinky perv, but who cares anymore, she moved across the world.

This year went by quick and painless.

***11th Grade***

Ah...This year was legendary indeed. I grew balls.

Received my first blow job, school stairwell...

And it sucked.

Her name won't be mentioned, for multiple reasons.

Was still cool for the bragging rights, and I didn't even brag. So...useless.

For the first time I felt like I had freedom, but not the type that I was looking for.

Met a cool person...Lived about a mile away, was supposed to be my "best friend"

You'll hear more about her later.

Managed to get another girlfriend for 6months or so.

And oh buddy...Was this one on the rocks for the longest.

But, I felt it was my first real relationship, went to the movies, spent time together...bought each other stuff for valentines day

It was cute, real genuine.

But, of course things come to an end eventually...

I'm sure drinking and smoking didn't help.

But hey, I was young, wanted to experiment...If holding back my experiences

At the expense of someone else being mad about it = Life...

Then I don't want to be a part of it, not saying that was the reason we broke up

But damn...Not taking her to prom couldn't have helped either.

Don't plan on getting into too much more detail about this

It's pretty funny to me now. Best regards to her and her family.

No hard feelings over here.

***12th Grade***

Where do I start...This was possibly my favorite year

The first year in high school I felt as If I had some sort of authority

Basically a traditional senior year, I could give a crap about what people had to say to me

I never did(for the most part), but now I had a reason to not care.

Last class year I had with people who i'd known for my entire life.

Graduated, have only talked to one person since then, and it's been months.

Guess I wasn't as cool as I thought I was

Or maybe I was, ha.

Anyway, I end up meeting another person, young one.

Very honest, soft spoken, shy, cute...But something felt off.

She'd write me entire poems and message me every day, invite me over when parents weren't home, open up her heart.

I could feel I was someone special to this person

But some people just come into your life at the wrong time

Mind you, this was the age of my psychotic disorder/thingy.

So, someone who wanted my trust so badly would only come off as sketchy to me

Why am I so important? Is my trust something you need to live?

As If it was a plot upon me.

Long story short, she's gone, but still alive.

So that proves my point.

Best regards to her.

(Around this time is when my "best friend" appears from out of the blue, engaging in conversation, but starts trying to tell me how to live my life, and what I should do with my time. I'm easily offended on stuff like that, in my mind, after all that time passed you were a stranger. As if it wasn't hard enough to accept advice in the first place, you come out of NOWHERE doing it? It sucks, because I'm still attracted to her. But i've been hearing rumors so I don't think i'll be trying that out anytime soon.)


Another one of those years, turning the smallest wardrobe into something so plain

That damn near no one notices, or the girls didn't care...Either one I'm cool with.

I feel I ended the year on a good note...Appreciate year book signings

And I even burried the hatchet with an ex.



And here we are now, pondering whether all of this really happened

Or if I made all of this up in my free time.

But would I lie about something like this?

Choose wisely.