I dead ass just talked for like...3 hours earlier

The cotton mouth i got was ridiculous

Never talked so long that my mouth went dry

I feel so old

Hate it when family members come over and try to put me on blast

"Whoa! last time i saw you your dreads were this short *makes same hand gesture for a small penis* "

And talk about my room "Did a cyclone go around your room! I mean damn...hey if that's how you like to live then okay"


Was cool overall though, not much to complain about.

Anyway...Just making something clear

Anything is possible, I refuse to ever let someone tell me that something is impossible.

A thousand years ago, the thought of a hunk of metal flying across the ocean was impossible.

A thousand years ago, the thought of a computer, was impossible.

In fact, you'd probably be killed if you had this type of knowledge back then.

As most people were.

But not everything thats possible is not probable.

Things that are very unlikely to happen...Seeing pigs fly, me chewing an apple with no teeth...etc...

Is very unlikely, but in 1000 years, it'll be childs play.

Everything we know thats true today, in a thousand years will be false.

Don't trap your mind within a box

Be open to all possibilities, take chances...you'll be surprised.

Power in optimism.

Being happy is the best way to make (people who don't like you) mad.

They can't stand to see you happy doing something that they disagree with.

But if you're happy doing what you do, and they're not.

Then you've already won.