It's to the point that these things are REALLY annoying.

Everywhere I go someone has their face burried in their phone

As if they can't carry on a conversation without checking for a text

Dead ass when I'm with a girl and she's consistently checking her phone

I take it and put it in my pocket until I leave.

The most annoying has to be in a movie theater.

Whenever I see people pulling out their phone to check it

I just want to take out a sniper rifle and shoot the screen.


They'll go on twitter and be like "Watching insidious, this movie is hella scary!"

Then i'll reply "Then put your F***ing phone away"

I understand the urge though, it seems like everyone wants to talk once you get in there.

Also people, please stop bringing your baby in there with you

Just wait until it comes out on dvd, please.

I'm not a bitter iPod talker either, but chill.

The entire world is about to have an iPhone, literally everyone i know has one

I thought people want things because of personal benefits, not to be considered "cool"

How foolish of me.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of tracking device that people can track you with

That's implanted into an iPhone

Honestly think about it, it's really simple. Everyone has one, they keep you on their t.v screen.

No hate to iPhones, just some of the hype beasts who have them

Who try to act hipster, and boast about it in instagram pictures, it's crazy.

Anyway...Why is being hipster becoming the new hype beast?

I remember when not liking or being a part of the crowd wasn't cool.

And now...

*sigh* Whatever...

I'm on the phone now, and this blog post is jumping from topic to topic