What if I told you, that leaving your blood somewhere, is a way of keeping your presence in a certain places.

I'm not even sure what I'm talking about, but I'm willing to try it.

I know it sounds weird just bleeding in someone elses house, but hey...


I'm pretty sure that science will soon enough have a way to recreate someone from just having their dna.

Anything's possible.

I think I'm three days strong without any uh...particular "movies"

And I'm feeling pretty good, I don't even have the urge right now

That shit was ruining my mind and making one arm stronger than the other

It's pretty apparent when you see someone bench pressing

Not cool.

Early morning storm...Thunder has the house shaking.

At least this'll help me get to sleep.

But yo, it wasn't until recently that I started becoming slightly attracted to breast

And girls with a lil weight on them.

Skinny girls still have my heart though, I can't man handle someone bigger than me.

In a good way.


Last topic, what's good with this Hopsin vs Soulja Boy diss?


Soulja Boy crawled out from where ever he was and dropped this

I understand some people don't like hopsin...and some don't like soulja...

But like Soulja or not, he's gonna lose this beef, badly.

Even though Hopsin just got put in jail for some "disorderly conduct"

(Whatever they classify that as)

And since the "It's cool to be smart" era is starting to become more popular

It's definitely gonna knock Soulja Boy off the map for sure

With no way of making a come back

T.D.E...G.O.O.D music...Slaughterhouse...

Game over.