No title.

I really don't like talking too much, or being vocal.

Mean stutter.

Guess this is my outlet.

Not even sure If anyone's really even reading all of this

But If you are, I appreciate it.

But yo.

I was always pretty curious as to why people cut their self

Remember reading one thing when someone made a science of it

Saying how cutting yourself actually releases stress and such

As if cutting yourself is sunshine and rainbows

Maybe I've just run into too many posers...

Who do this kind of stuff for attention.

Makes me sick. Mocking the life style of people who were tormented for doing the same thing.

All my nerds/geeks understand.


Some of y'all went to having two hands on the wheel of life

To being in the passenger seat

To being in the back seat, to a car seat

To being in the trunk with no air.

Now, who controls your life? You?

Or the media?


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