A question has come to my mind...

Which are really smarter, animals or humans?

I guess in a sense, we are animals...But for the sake of this question i'll be general.

This question has been asked for quite some time...And it's pretty evident.

But let's take a few animals into consideration.

For example, pigeons.

There was a test that was conducted with how good they are at finding their way home.

Usually pigeons know where they are from the position of the sun

Knowing this, scientists...or whoever took a pigeon across the town, and waited until the sun was in a different position than when they usually let the pigeons out.

Of course, at first the pigeon was lost.

So the pigeon couldn't use the sun to find it's way home, so it instead used other things.

Such as, vision.....And the earths electromagnetic fields.

It recognized particular landmarks, and through the earth.

One theory suggests that there are structures in the upper bill of the pigeon that can detect magnetic information, which is then carried to the brain through a branch of the "trigeminal nerve."

And through that, the pigeon found it's way home. Only losing 10minutes of time.

How many humans do you know can effectively use the first and last ability?

As humans, they usually have gps, composes...etc...

But nothing of born talent. Or natural selection.

Some animals actually eat something in the clay under the dirt in other to sooth upset stomachs and headaches, and it's effective.

Whereas humans go to the doctor.

Hmm...So maybe animals aren't smarter than humans or vice versa.

But they're both better suited for their environment than the other one.

Whose to know what humans would be capable if they were all still breeding in nature

Generation after generation...Hmm

Ya know, at one time if you could swim, then you were considered a witch.

It was only a matter of time before everyone learned and it became normal.

Wonder if the same thing is gonna go for flying...



Started drinking protein shakes again, I my arms were losing a lil somethin somethin.

Only bad side of this...I'm EXTREMELY gassy.

There's nothing else that even tastes remotely good with the protein shake

But milk, and even that's still nasty as hell.

Remember back when i was drinking this crap during school...

My very next mod after weight training would be torture.

Never thought i'd say it, but i kinda miss school.

Not but just the environment.

I enjoy watching people do stupid stuff.


Hopefully it'll be like that in a few months.