Mark of the Beast

I'm sure by now, we've all heard of the "Mark of the beast"

And many people wonder what it is, what it looks like...when people will have to go through this kind of stuff...etc...

Just for the hell of it, i'll say it again. I have no religion, I'm not one of those...whatever.

Anyway, another conflict is whether it's a literal meaning...or figurative.

Personally, I believe that it's figurative, as the bible is full of things like that.

But also literal at the same time.

And for this, I believe that the "mark of the beast" is possibly Money.

As money was not always called "money" but it was called a "mark"

It was a measure of weight, mainly for gold and silver.

Over time, they changed the name from "mark" to "money"

It says that a person will have the receive the "mark" on their forehead or on their hand.

Well, think of it in a figurative sense. Literal just seems...idk...too obvious.

Let's see...people THINK of money 24/ receive and hand over money with your HAND.

9/10 people are right handed. And back in that time, being left handed was a sign of evil.

"Back in the days, the common denominations were styled after the Roman numerals, 1,5,10,50,100 and 500. Add them together and you get 666."

You can't "buy" anything without money. You'll starve, well most people will.

And how would you "sell" something to someone who has no money?

And bartering wasn't an option.

(I also hear that the U.S dollar is basically going to lose it's value
If that's true, then we'll see.)

Which brings me to the conclusion that I came to.

About Money being the Mark of the Beast.

If this is true...Then a lot of people have some "splainin" to do.


I could be wrong.

People will say or make up anything to justify their actions.


Anything's possible.