All these kids committing suicide/killing someone or getting plastic surgery due to being bullied...

This shit ain't cool, no filters on this one. 

You can put any reason you want behind it

(Oh he's scared of him, oh he's sad because he gets bullied at home so he takes it out on everyone else...etc...)

At the end of the day, there's no way to justify that type of shit. 

Actions can kill people, but so can words. 

"The pen is mightier than the sword"

They may seem crazy by first glance

But that's only because most of us have not been in the same position as those people

From Columbine to Hope Witsell. 

We've all been teased or bullied to some extent 

But some people have shorter breaking points than others.

You never know what the person you're talking to has gone through in their life

For you to tease them for being that certain way.

If you're going to tease someone, at least tease their actions, not their looks. 

Either one isn't cool, but whatever. 

Has anyone whose reading this actually been bullied? 

Elementary school and Middle school were the days when I was bullied the most

In elementary, I was bullied for the clothes I wore, and how i lived my life.

I dead ass ain't have any clothes, but the ones I did...Jeans 9/10 were high waters. 

Pissed on myself a couple times

Even got teased for being a virgin in the 5th grade.

Yep, 5th grade virgin. Was such a big deal back then

I honestly don't think I'm dumb enough to be in the "cool crowd" 

Either way I still believed them when they said they weren't virgins. 

As if 10 year olds are running around having sex. 

*facepalm* Either way...didn't make the experience any easier. 

Elementary school and Middle school, there was one thing I couldnt escape

I basically had an obsession with wearing the same hoody everyday.

Even when it was damned near blazing hot outside, I just didn't like short sleeve shirts. 

It's pretty much what I was known for after awhile...

(the kid with the grey hoodie - chronicle.)

But, mine was black. At least I kept it clean.

Sisters getting kicked out of the house on top of all of that


My parents wanting a divorce

I was pretty much at my breaking point.

Whose to know what would have happened if i was teased about the situation? 

Kids are Evil.