A reader asked for my opinion on this.

Love in my opinion...has evolved drastically over time.

And through the course of time, people change their view on what love is and what love isn't.

Admittedly I'm not sure I know exactly what love is, or if I've ever felt it. All I can remember is the pain that followed a break up.

But...if I had to choose.

I believe that love should be shown through character, not through materialistic means.

Meaning that whatever you buy for the person doesn't express love. Or how much money you spend on them.

This in itself is one of the easiest ways that men trick women into thinking that they love them.

Buying them flowers, chocolate...etc is a quick way to get to the last base.

This also goes with marriage, why should a ring determine whether you're married to someone or not?

And by shown through character, I mean sacrifice.

If a person is willing to sacrifice pretty much anything they plan to do just to see or spend time with you, I think that says a lot.

Like, making plans with someone for weeks, then when you suddenly get a call from that person saying they want to see you, then you cancel your plans from that person.

Basically just being willing to take a bullet for them in the situation given.

Being able to recover from a hard fall and still move on.

There are all sorts of things that people consider love and not love, just like how people consider who's a real man or who's a real woman.

But there's one thing that has no middle ground.

And that's cheating on the person.


I cannot possibly conceive how a person can say they love someone after cheating on them.

And I'm speaking AFTER puberty.

When all of your emotions and actions should be well under control.

And people have the nerve to say "well if you treated me right then you wouldn't have to worry about it"

No, there is no excuse for you being a hoe/manwhore.

Let the person know things aren't working out instead of giving them the wrong impression and wasting their time.

I know no one is perfect, and I've cheated before. Know what that means? That I wasn't in love with the person who I was in a relationship with. No excuses.

This stands for me too. Not everyone but me.

Basically...just don't lie to the person. If they say they love you and they're waiting for a response...Just let them know if you aren't.

They may take offense to it, but they'd be much better off hearing it now.

Than finding out later.