Seriously, can we start showin' some more LOVE out here people?

I'm tired of seeing people finding something negative to say about ANYTHING.

It could be a youtube video of a mother nursing her child, or a rainbow.

And of course, the "like" bar looks like a light saber.


I never was the type of person to put much emphasis on love

Or even on the topic of it being important.

But some people think that love is just all fancy rainbows and skipping in daisies.

Well, in my understanding, it's not.

Imagine the world we live in now, but infatuated with love.

People now, have turned love, into a materialistic life.

Why should how much you love someone be measured by how much money you spend on them?

Or how many gifts you give a person?

That's not love.

A world full of love will still have free will.

Just that the actions that you will perform won't be performed out of anger, bitterness, jealousy, arrogance...etc.

Especially my people of darker skin, the love deprived in this community is ridiculous

So afraid of someone passing you as far as success goes that you'll do anything to hold that person back

It's the crab escaping the pot theory.

Start helping out your friends, family, or whoever to become successful, you'd want the same thing from them if you were in their position.

I understand that "hate" is something in life, that you have to cope with, not everyone will like the stuff you do, or the way you live your life.

That's cool, but to the point of belittling what that person does, or just showing plain disrespect? Not necessary.

So much hate in their heart, and plain ungratefulness. 

I didn't think i'd be promoting this on my blog...

But some people just need to get some MJ and call it a day.

No one's a a hater, or violent while they're high. And best part about it, it won't kill you.

Or at least something to get your mind off of being negative.

They say that you should practice what you preach

"Why do you expect me to do it and you don't even do it!?" 

So if the person who is preaching it, isn't practicing it, then does that make the person's words false?

Of course not, no one is perfect.

But it won't hurt trying.

Seeing a negative role model, or someone fail at doing something positive

Should give you motivation to succeed where that person failed at.

The point is to raise better than yourself, not lesser, or equal.

Not to mention, it takes less muscles to smile, than what it does to frown.

So even for people who believe they're lazy, it'll be easy for you too.

We've all got some work to do.

Especially for all my people out there who've had rough lives.

But trust me, being angry at the world won't make you happy

And it won't contribute to enjoying your time on this earth.