John Todd.

So has anyone heard the sad story of John Todd?

He was a speaker, occultist, and conspiracy theorist.

He claimed to have been born into "witchcraft", before converting to Christianity later in his life.

It seemed almost as if he had a hard time distinguishing fantasy, and reality.

He claimed to have served in Vietnam before transferring to Germany, where he killed a commanding officer.

His explanation for not serving jail time for this was that the "Illuminati" freed him from jail, and eliminated his military records.

Someone actually managed to find his records, and they showed that he had never even been stationed in Vietnam.

But only stationed in Germany for awhile, before being discharged for psychotic disorders and drug abuse.

John claimed to have been a "Satanic high priest", before his conversion into Christianity, which he said occurred in 1972...

In the below videos, he talks about the demons that are in some of the songs that you listen to.

And in this one...well, you'll see his explanation of Aliens, which is kind of similar to mine.

But of course, like everyone else who seems like they could be...

Shouts to Julian Assange.

Are eventually convicted on some account of sexual molestation.

It just seems weird that everyone in this  box, EVERY single one of them has a thing for sexual harassment.

Really? All of them?

Even Tupac and Michael Jackson.


John was arrested in May, 1987 for the rape of a graduate student.

After his arrest he was additionally charged with sexually molesting two children.

He was convicted of the rape in January 1988 and sentenced to 30 years in state prison.

In 2004 John was released, but he was put in the care of the Behavioral Disorder Treatment Unit run by a Mental Health Department.

On November 10, 2007

John died in the mental institution.

Never to be seen again.