Interview. Part.2

 chris rivera 10:44 pm
    do you think humans are aliens?

 SunYehoshua 10:45 pm
    I think we have humans...and aliens...aliens as in fallen angels...reptillians...shape-shifters...etc

 chris rivera 10:45 pm
    sooooo you believe in shape-shifters and reptilians?

  SunYehoshua  10:45 pm
    Sorta kinda

 chris rivera 10:46 pm
    what do you know about such forces?

  SunYehoshua  10:47 pm
    Honestly not much, there's a few people i've heard from, and a few that ive talked to about them. But since that cant be proven or somewhere in the middle with it. Check out Gorilla199 on youtube. Google...anything.


 chris rivera 11:03 pm
    have you ever read about
    astro traveling?

  SunYehoshua  11:04 pm
    Astro projection? yee

 chris rivera 11:04 pm
    ever try it?

  SunYehoshua  11:04 pm
    nah man
    Shit sounds interesting though

 chris rivera 11:04 pm
    you should
    for a month or two
    read up on it
    its a start

  SunYehoshua  11:04 pm
    I actually played a game where that shit was involved

 chris rivera 11:04 pm
    did it work?

 *MORE OTR...*

 chris rivera 11:06 pm
    what do you think happens to humans when they die?

  SunYehoshua  11:07 pm
    Good of late I revived an old thought of mine. That humans control their own destiny, meaning...what happens to them after they die...they are control of it. So if i believe that i'll go to heaven, or be reincarnated...then it'll happen.
    Like i said, there's a lot of power in believing within yourself

 chris rivera 11:08 pm
    so youre saying if a human thinks he or she is bad when they die, their mind already has a preinvisioned idea of what hell is and they are sent there? same for heaven\an goodness?

  SunYehoshua  11:08 pm

 chris rivera 11:08 pm
    do you think a human can change their destiny?

  SunYehoshua  11:09 pm
    All depends...physical destiny or spiritual?

 chris rivera 11:09 pm
    can someone make themselves win the lotto
    by changing the outcome of the world

  SunYehoshua  11:10 pm
    That could be very possible...Something is always impossible until someone thinks it or speaks it into existence.
    And since nothing is new under the sun, everything has been thought of at one point or another.
    So anything is possible

 chris rivera 11:12 pm
    what are thoughts?

  SunYehoshua  11:12 pm
    I'm not sure if i can even explain that without using google. Hmm, i guess I can say, words with no action?
    Well, actually
    A thought is every and anything

 chris rivera 11:13 pm
    but do you think thoughts are what kind of cheat codes for life.. as to say you have to use cheat codes to get through the game...
    but its not

  SunYehoshua  11:15 pm
    If the person has the knowledge upon how to do such, then maybe. Such as telekinesis, mind control...seeing the future...etc.

 chris rivera 11:15 pm
    what is seeing the future when you can create it?

  SunYehoshua  11:15 pm
    Almost the same thing

 chris rivera 11:21 pm
    is it?
    can you change the future?
    or is it pre-destined?

  SunYehoshua 11:22 pm
    Either is very possible. Maybe the future can't be changed. Otherwise the mayans would still be alive.

 chris rivera 11:22 pm
    who is to say theyre not

SunYehoshua 11:22 pm
    Find me them

 chris rivera 11:23 pm
    find them  yourself... theyre part of the truth

  SunYehoshua  11:23 pm
    Yeah I'll go venturing to mexico.
    see you there

 chris rivera 11:26 pm
    what do you think about 3rd eyes and 6th\7th senses?

  SunYehoshua  11:28 pm
    I believe the third eye is part of seeing the future and stuff related to it...accompanied with dreams. But 6th/7th senses...hmm such as what?

 chris rivera 11:29 pm
    seeing spirits... talking to people with your mind... talking to the dead

  SunYehoshua  11:31 pm
    I've actually been trying to somewhat look into that kind of stuff. As most of us are raised to believe that we could never obtain any supernatural powers. But they're actually natural. But...they don't want us to know.

 chris rivera 11:32 pm
    what have you found out?

SunYehoshua 11:33 pm
    I've found that ancient civilizations have had certain people who could actually do this kind of stuff
    Such as, Shamans.

 chris rivera 11:33 pm
    are you going to attempt to get into it?

  SunYehoshua  11:35 pm
    Of of these days. I just need somewhere to start

 chris rivera 11:37 pm
    you should start soon and update the blog about your findings

  SunYehoshua  11:39 pm
    if i find a starting point i'll def do that. I gots alotta lurneeng tew dew.

 chris rivera 11:39 pm
    do you think social networks play a major role in the defusing of some of the supernatural.. aol keyword natural?

  SunYehoshua  11:41 pm
    Could be, but i haven't heard of something like that until now. That's interesting

 chris rivera 11:42 pm
    charles hamilton

    you should look into it.. go some time without facebook and twitter.. like soon... start now

  SunYehoshua 11:43 pm
    I have, pretty recently when all of my power went out

  SunYehoshua  11:44 pm
    Don't think i noticed any MAJOR changes in my way of thinking though

 chris rivera 11:44 pm
    have you ever meditated?
    i mean months

  SunYehoshua  11:44 pm
    Oh...well i do plan on enrolling soon, and i dont plan on taking a laptop or somethin with me. So i guess it'd be the same
    And yes, quite a few times.
    It's really relaxing

 chris rivera 11:44 pm
    enrolling? and where do you go when you do?

  SunYehoshua  11:44 pm
    You really feel sucked out of this world.

 chris rivera 11:45 pm
    do you believe in outerspace

  SunYehoshua  11:45 pm
    JobCorp, learn you trade for free. You leave for about...6months to 2 years. It's self paced, so its really no real limit.

 chris rivera 11:46 pm
    do you?
    or it made up
    so we dont look whats out there

  SunYehoshua  11:46 pm
    What do you mean outerspace? I feel like its a trick question

 chris rivera 11:46 pm
    think back to the expirement

SunYehoshua 11:46 pm

 chris rivera 11:46 pm

  SunYehoshua  11:47 pm
    Well... of course. It has a lot to do with our day to day lives most likely. The days of the week, zodiac signs...all in astrology

 chris rivera 11:47 pm
    what if it was all fake
    what if we lived in an environment made for us
    to be contained
    think sandies house on sponge bob

  SunYehoshua  11:48 pm
    That's basically what we are

 chris rivera 11:48 pm
    but what if it really was that though

  SunYehoshua s 11:48 pm
    Like sure we can leave out of this earth, but not for extended periods of time
    just like sandy
    if her air runs out she has to go

 chris rivera 11:48 pm
    do you think we run out?
    well not run out
    but go out?
    like to space
    moon landing
    biggest hoax ever
    ... expirement

  SunYehoshua  11:48 pm
    Lol, i actually heard about that from Joe Rogan.
    About how that moon landing is fake

 chris rivera 11:49 pm
    it is

  SunYehoshua  11:49 pm
    And how badly the lighting is off

 chris rivera 11:49 pm
    how shitty the space craft was made

  SunYehoshua  11:49 pm
    Think he said we did it for

 chris rivera 11:49 pm
    it was made of
    duct tape
    construction paper
    and a bunch of other house hold items

  SunYehoshua  11:49 pm
    Well, to look like we were advanced scientifically. Giving the impression that we're superior.

 chris rivera 11:49 pm

SunYehoshua 11:49 pm
    Why else would they fake it

 chris rivera 11:50 pm
    to make their space idea plausible

  SunYehoshua  11:52 pm
    The soviet union already went to space
    We were just the first to go to the moon

 chris rivera 11:52 pm
    what if they didnt

  SunYehoshua  11:52 pm
    Very possible indeed.

  SunYehoshua  11:57 pm

 chris rivera 11:59 pm

*fades off*