We know it, we see it every day...We've been a victim of it.

I'm not talking ignorance in the literal sense, but as the infamous

Sometimes I feel as if our society fuels off of this stuff...

As If i didn't see enough of it In Baltimore...

We have sites such as World Star Hip Hop...The home of everything ignant.

Want to see black people acting like fools? There's your site.

It's a shame it's come to that, but we gotta stop this.

It's to the point of WSHH has become a place of ghetto education.

I've learned quite a few things from there...Like to not hit women, to not talk to 12 year olds who have an older brother, or even to not try to chat naked with girls over a ps3 cam...

See? Very useful.

Ignance definitely have it's own purpose though.

Choose what you wish.