Saving Face

How much would you do just to "save face"?

I know people usually do a lot to play certain things off.

Such as tripping into a mean stumble and then acting as if you're picking something up from off of the ground.


Dancing, tripping yourself up...and then acting as if it was a part of your dance.

No one likes looking stupid.

I remember back in the day I would pull all kinds of excuses just to not get in fights.

Someone tosses my shit across the classroom or somethin, breaks my pencil.

The entire classroom instigates in the "ooooooooh"

And I'd play it off like "it wasn't shit in there anyway" or "that wasn't even my pencil nigga"

Just to play off the fact that I got bullied.

Wasn't really until late middle school when I started standing up for myself.

"yeah Ard nigga"


I'm live from the toilet yet again...

I'm so sleepy...and for some reason this toilet seat feels like a marshmallow.

Almost dozed off a few times just sittin here chillin.

AND it's hot in this bathroom, it was bad enough that it's funky, but hot and funky? Yo...

-finger waves-