Hold on

I just recall learning somethin' awhile ago...

Ima need any women reading this to answer

So apparently, when a few women spend a lot of time together

Their cycles actually link up together

And they start going on it around the same time of every month

True? False?

Someone actually told me that this happened through some kind of evolution

As female tribes would travel together, their bodies would all go into the cycle at the same time

Instead of just one, and everyone having to wait for one person

So they could now all rest at the same time

Sounds believable...

What about men then? Do we...-------I won't be finishing that sentence.

I feel as if Men are too left field, and Women are too right field

What would happen if you were to combine both male and female into one species?

I'm telling you, a gay man in this world has more power than you would ever imagine.

I know we've all heard about rappers in the music industry having to do gay stuff to succeed.

Which is mixed with the whole... "illuminati" stuff

And Lady Gaga is trying to turn the entire world gay

I have nothing against homosexuals, but am i the only one seeing all of this?

Of course if the entire world is gay, they'll still need a means of reproduction.

Which I'm sure they've found already

Mixing a female and male would come out as a sexless body.

People always say movies aren't real. For the most part that's true

But they still manage to throw in pieces of truth every chance they get

The grey alien that's depicted to us in movies

No sex, no real visible muscle tone.

After living in the closet for so long, of course your eyes would adapt.

I kid.

Interesting enough.