Alright Alright Alright

I know that everybody doesn't listen to the same type of hip-hop

But some of this shit is just plain inexcusable

Of course, when you're out at parties, clubs...whatever

You don't want to hear some deep lyrical shit that you have to think about and break down right there on the dance floor.

You want the same repetitive shit that'll get stuck in your head, simple lyrics, that's just fun to dance to.

Such as, -inserts 90% of mainstream rappers here-

But some people listen to that type of stuff DAILY. After awhile you've gotta notice

That your brain cells have been somersaulting into volcanoes. 10 by 10.

Yeah that type of music is cool to listen to, but only occasionally.

"I don't understand why broke niggas wanna listen to shit like that"

No hate.

So, by pure boredom. I've created a list of the top 7 most repetitive/bad/other rappers that seem to get a lot of love.

It's in no particular order, they all the same person to me anyway.

1. Rick Ross

C'mon Ricky, we all know that's you in the picture.
Stop with all the lies about this "thug" life you life.

Anyway this guy has a good ear for beats, i'll give him that
He's cool for features too
But if you're lookin for repetitive ass subject matter and hook.
Here's (ONE) of your guys.

Smh Lyrics: "My bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
That bitch bad looking like a bag of money
I go and get it and I let her count it for me
I fuck her good and she always ride it for me"

2. Wiz Khalifa

I'm not even gonna get in on this one, I don't care about him enough.
I actually used to like his stuff back in the day
But If i hear one more weed song from this dude ima punch a baby.

Smh lyrics: "We can go to my house or back to your place
You bring a friend and then we go both ways
Fuckin with these niggers cause our money’s good"

3. Gucci Mane

I don't even know where to start with this dude...
All i know is, I'm tired of hearin' bout how you be "trappin" on every song
Tired of hearing about how much drugs you sell to the black community
To keep us in a hole while you succeed on our behalf.

Smh Lyrics: "Im pimpin where im winnin, thats just how I’m chillin
Im smokin grits and sellin chickens, corvette painted lemons"

4.Waka Flocka

C'mon now...this is basically a lightskinned gucci with dreads.

Smh lyrics: "BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW..."

5. Big Sean

Big Sean...Stop it. No more corny punch lines
Or talking about your dick.

Smh lyrics: “Put her hands down my pants now she’s rockin Sean John"

6. Soulja Boy

Do I REALLY have to go into detail on how bad he is?
The "smh" lyrics section would go on for DAYS. YEARS. 
Smh lyrics: "Fuck the troops..." I know those aren't even lyrics, but this is the last memorable thing I heard from dude. 
I honestly don't care enough about him enough to google some lyrics.


That's it, I can't do this anymore. 7 is just too much for one sitting. 

I'll say it again, have no hate for any of these rappers.

But imo, you should not be listening to their shit on a daily basis. 

But hey, when you're high...

All of these people sound like Tupac.