Insulting someones intelligence is a quick way to get put on anyone's shit-list.

I'm sure that we've all been a victim of this, or the predator. 

The smart thing to do, would be to either ignore it, or prove that person wrong.

But now when people feel insulted in any shape or form

They immediately want to jump to fighting a person.

And why? I understand it can be hard to hold yourself back after someone insults you

But we gotta stop this shit, being are being stabbed over chicken wings.

And being killed over video games. 

Yes, it's that bad. 

Just when people try to find any elementary reason to want to fight someone is when it annoys me.

Say this person finds out that another person doesn't "like" them.

Now the first person wants to fight the other one...

Now this could go either way...

From first glance, you'd think "fighting the person will make them like you? stupid" 

But on the contrary, sometimes two people fighting actually does make them more respectful of the other person.

As long as the fight is fair that is, and they both have some reason to actually want to fight the other person. 

Not some "Oh he looked at me wrong" 

Usually I'm against fighting, but fighting helps out a LOT.

You never know what you're physically capable of in a fight until you get in one.

And you can pull the "Oh I'm a nice person so no one would want to fight me" card.

But trust me, that doesn't always work.

Sometimes people just don't like you for the hell of it.

You have no idea what you did, but the person doesn't like you.

And all it'll take is for you to do ONE thing for the person to snap on you.

And them bam, you're in the situation...Worried about how to defend yourself

But you don't know how because you wanted to play the nice person role. 

You can be pacifist, but NO ONE will just lay there and let their face get bashed in by someones fist without even the slightest bit of physical retaliation. 

I honestly can't even remember the last time I got into a fight.

But I'm sure that if i was better prepared, then it would have ended differently. 

And the same goes for all people who were beaten senseless or to death but didn't know any better. 

But nah...Nowadays no one wants to fair fight anymore

Everyone wants to bring guns and shoot the person.

There is NO honor at ALL in that...

I can even understand a sword/knife fight, but c'mon now...guns? 

And if it isn't guns...

Then it's people who are too scared to fight 1v1 so they jump the other person and then go running their mouth about how they beat them up.

Some people just need a good smack to the face to keep them humble. 

I don't recommend this at all, you might just smack the wrong person then find yourself in deep shit. 

But like they say...It's the one with the biggest mouth who punks out when shit goes down. 

The one making all the threats/talking the most is the weakest one in the bunch.

Real fighters aren't that good at talking trash, they're good at actually fighting. 

This is seen in nature...For example, Chihuahuas. 

One of the smallest/weakest dogs, but has the MOST to say. 

The ones to be afraid of are the ones who don't say too much.

Pretty much keeping to their self for the most part.

The type of ones to sit there and plot on you without you knowing. 

Pick your enemies wisely.