It's another one of those days, waking up at 4pm

It's gonna suck when I have to change my schedule in a few months

How does one go from going to sleep at 8am, to 10pm?


Anyway I had about 5 different dreams all in one sitting

But can only remember one

I was back in school, the first day

I'm seeing old faces, as if everyone else failed with me

People are avoiding me, not wanting to talk to me

I'm actin' a straight fool, as if im walking around the school drunk

Which is pretty interesting...Like if people from there

Read what I was saying on this blog, I would receive the same outcome

So I guess It's a good thing I waited until i was done to speak up.

Dreams > Reality


In a sense, I kinda wish reincarnation is real.

I'm not one of those P.E.T.A animal lovers

But shit, seeing someone abuse a dog, cat...or any type of animal

For no reason doesn't sit right with me

I know we've all seen the high heels vs the kitten, and the river vs the puppies

Stuff like that just ain't cool, i'd rather have the rumor of people eating them going around

At least their body isn't going to waste.(not saying I want this, but it's better than the latter)

But yeah, being reincarnated as the animal,

Or type of person that you treated the worst or best in your lifetime

So if i hated white people, i'd be reincarnated as one, or vice versa.

Not sure if that'll solve much though, not many people have the memory of

Who they were in the passed life, so they wouldn't even learn from the process...

That idea was good while it lasted...


Meanwhile...on twitter

It wasn't serious enough for a tummy ache, honestly.