It's not like i just pop these ideas out of nowhere every day.

Trying to find something entertaining to write about in this boring life is difficult.

Anything to keep a readers attention.

I dead ass wrote something all the way out, as long as "Reminiscence" then deleted it all before posting it.

It's something about a humans death, that I can't feel much emotion towards.

I'd never kill someone

But it's just something about it that just doesn't feel...special

Maybe because no one i personally know, who I'm close to has died yet.

Just hope it isn't too bad.

I did however kill a bird on accident once.

Just got a new BB gun for my birthday...After awhile shooting at stationary objects just gets boring

And i felt like putting my aim to the test. So i pumped the rifle twice.

10 is the highest it can go, so I'm thinkin that two must be pretty weak.

Wouldn't even go through plastic, so I'm like cool, this wont kill anything.

A few birds fly in my neighbors back yard, they're jumping/walking around, looking for worms and such...

I'm about...idk 20-30 feet away from it, and i take a shot.

It popped up, fell back down onto the ground and flapped a little.

That fast, it was over.

I was hoping with everything I had that it would get back up...but it didn't

The birds near it went to check it out...they didn't SEEM too phased, but who knows what they were feeling.

My stomach and heart dropped.

I was customed to killing a few bugs every now and then with a magnifying glass, or covering them in glue...or some other foreign substance. But this shit took the cake.

Anyway...I play it off like i did nothing, and go to lay down on my hammock...

Later on, the neighbor comes outside...And to my luck she sees the dead bird

Immediately she blames it on a squirrel that she saw running around in her yard harassing the birds earlier...Then my mom overhears and finds out too...

So me being me, I volunteer to get the bird. so someone else wouldn't end up getting it and possibly see the BB, wherever it was.

I get it, and toss it behind my neighbors shed.

Kept quiet about that ish for months.

And I haven't killed a thing since, lol.

Dead ass if someone killed my cat i'd...




Anyway,  I think my mom is kinda  enjoying the entire

"Calling myself Jesus"

A little too much, but hey...It's all perspective. If I saw it from her POV, i'd act the same way.

You should have seen the face on the psychologists face when I said it.

Straight slenderman'd the entire room.

As far as telling my grandmother and other family members though?

Ain't the easiest thing to cope with, but it is what it is

Was gonna tell her eventually anyway.

Just she's a heavy religious addict, even used to be a preacher. So I know the first thing she thought of.

Have love for that woman though.

Or whatever she is...