So this summer...Started for me back in June.

It's almost September...And I've left the house less than 10 times.

Now that in itself doesn't bother me.

What bothers me is the loss of any physical contact with a female.

It's to the point that I'm craving it. I feel like a fiend.

That was one of the main things I did in school.

I'm talking to people who I usually would never talk to

And it feels weird as hell. Don't wanna make it seem like I'm using them or something

But whatever, if two people are benefiting then I suppose it's not just "using".

Haven't done my hair or got a shape up in weeks...So I doubt I look appealing enough anyway.

I AM however starting to form some stuff under my eyes(as said before)

But i kinda like the whole "tired" look. Iunno why...

Anyway, kinda looking forward to being away from here for a good...6months+

I'm not even sure if i'll have any internet connection or not when I'm gone.

But if I don't...*sigh*surviving is going to be difficult.

I'll actually have to socialize, or at least stay active.

Two things...very out of my character.

Plenty of time to read may prove positive though.

Any time that I actually announce plans though, they never go through.

So maybe it's best if I just stayed quiet about it.