Cancer is a serious issue, no jokes on this post.

But it's beginning to be something that's thrown around VERY lightly.


If you're eating something right now, google it.

Somewhere, on SOME link.

It'll say that what you're eating has been shown to give cancer

In at LEAST one person on this earth.

It's ridiculous, honestly. I don't drink water very often...or at all for reasons in a previous blog post.

But something new was brought to my attention.

Something called Aspartame. This is an artificial sweetener found in most Sugarless gum

(since it's 200 times more sweeter than sugar, so less of it will get the same result of sugar. Thus less calories.)

...And many tabletop sweeteners for beverages and foods

Usually things that don't require too much heat because heat breaks it down into different components.

One of a poison that is found in an insects poisonous sting.

And this right here, is where my point has been proven.

Depending upon what you are looking for, you can find many things saying that it causes cancer or other disorders...

And if you look at another link, they say that no studies have shown any real link between Aspartame and cancer or any disorders.

For example,

This is showing, the side effects of ingesting Aspartame, and how many people suffer from it.

And this one

Showing how people who have performed studies say that no real link is between the two.

Or for "most" people. They say this so it's harder to prove them wrong, instead of saying 100%. Kind of the same concept of hand sanitizer. They say 99.9% so they can't be sued if someone ends up getting sick.

Yup, that .1% has saved their ass plenty of times I'm sure.

So at the end of the day, you can safely say that if you look for something on the internet, you'll find it.

Something proving your point, and something disproving your point.

It's actually better to go off of personal experiences, or what you have seen happen to people who you actually know, or at least...something tangible.


Personally, cancer doesn't bother me as much as it used to. As it seems as if cancer runs in my family...

Let's see...Grandmother...Grandfather...Aunt...uncle(s) was almost my mom.

Mostly breast cancer, tumors(or any brain related disorder), and prostate cancer.

So i figure one day, i'll be hit pretty hard anyway, might as well live life up while I can.

Actually the passed few months, my heart has been aching pretty badly.

One time it woke me up out of my sleep, thought I was going to die.

But...time seems to prevail for me, or positive thinking...who knows.

Maybe I'm just lucky. Anything's possible.

Spread the love, Spread the word.