Okay so i'm in a super market, and this woman starts shooting out things that look like colored pencils

But through some device on her wrist, so they're being propelled perfectly at me in a straight line.

Now either she has bad aim, or I'm good at dodging. But

Apparently she's only aiming for my neck and above.

So of course im being chased around the entire market

By this woman dressed in all black, shooting black colored pencils at me.

Quiet soon I realize that she's really trying to hurt me with these things

So I act as if I'm cutting into one aisle, but cut back into the next one

And then the one after that

She meets me at the end of that asile ready to shoot me, but i throw one first before she hits me.

After she's hit, she begins calling for back up...I'm like wtf? And she tries to run

I'll be honest, i have never had this much trouble restraining a woman in my life.

Anyway after a couple minutes of wrestling, someone in the store tries to help me, but trips and lands flat on her face, but...she calls for back up too.

So the strange womans back up, and the other womans back up get there at the same exact time, like 3v3.

With no hesitation one of the "good" womans back up shoots a gun that melts right through glass and kills one of the strange womans back up agents.

After that they pretty much give up

I then jack up the strange woman with two hands, who for some reason is now a man.

And throw her/him out of a window.

Apparently the "glass" was plastic, because it just popped off the frame when i threw the person into it.

And then...

I woke up.