Not even sure if I should call them babies at this point

People are acting as if having a baby is the equivalent to dying

Or acquiring the worlds most deadly disease

Seriously...People act as if babies are a STD that's spreading and that it's a BAD thing to have one.

I remember at one point, the thought of someone having a baby

Was sacred, it was beautiful...People respected it widely.

But nowadays...Having a baby gets you no respect

Unless you're on 16 and pregnant, but that's STAGED anyway so why are people getting annoyed by it?

The whole "Hey buy these *points to condoms* or buy these! *points to diapers*"

Is getting out of control...

We get it, some teens have kids when they're not ready to have one, but so do adults.

So why make the people who ARE ready to have a baby feel like they're performing an evil deed?

By the way...From reading a status earlier...I think some people don't think how you contract a STD...

You don't get a STD from just having unprotected sex...You get it from having unprotected sex with someone who HAS a STD.

*facepalm* The fact that I have to explain that...shows a lot.


I never really wanted kids like that, and am still on edge about the entire subject.

I'm just not good with kids at all.

Like, when people put me on the phone with a baby and they're like "Say hi to your uncle!"

Then it's COMPLETE silence on the phone...or they're struggling to talk

And I'm just sitting here like o_o?

Like...even the slightest clue of what to do with a baby is where I'm lost.

On top of that, they don't like me.

Every time one sees me they just stare...REALLY  hard. Staring...Staring...

Into my soul, making me feel mad awkward like I did something to it.

I don't know...

Maybe one day i'll learn how to handle one, but for now...Forget the thought.

If I had to have a baby though...I'd wish for a boy.

But in turn, I would get a girl just because i wished for a boy.

And if I had a girl...oh goodness. I'd be the most overprotective father in history.

She would hate me but love me at the same time for spoiling her.

In other news...I feel like learning how to skateboard and play the piano.

Lessons would be welcome :-|