Another one of those nights.

 Recently ate another ___________

 Still tastes like crap.

 Hopefully this time it works out. If not, I still have another.

 Could possibly sell it...hmm

 But I need to chill, today to september 20th marks 30 days.

 So I'm RIGHT there on the border.


 I promised myself that If I got bluffed today then i'd...ugh.

 Porn won't stop haunting me, dreams, pop ups...

 How many times do I have to divorce before she gets the point?

 This stuff already got me in trouble once...


 Sneaking out of the house to some girl, empty house...

 Starts getting freaky, we stop.

 Being there and NOT doing anything...for about 4 hours.

 She falls asleep...I'm there until 4am and start dozing off.

 And her mom is coming home soon

 Got woken by a *BANG* Idk what the f**k it was...

 So I'm about a mile or two away from my house with no where to go

 And it's dead ass cold outside.

 Walking around the neighborhood sleepy...Seeing things on every corner, and hungry as hell.

 Stores closed, broke anyway...Feet cramping up and wet from the grass.

 Didn't even notice I still had a condom on. I threw it in front of an elementary school.

 No one gives rides anymore? Dead ass people riding by staring at me.

 I'm at my breaking point, my homeboy didn't stay awake so I could go back to his house.

 And my parents would be like wtf, If i came in the house at 4am.


 So 2 hours go by, 6am. I say f**k it and just go inside

 Home free, but empty handed...

 And why?