Anger Management.

As of late, i've noticed I'm not as calm and collective as I usually am.

I start losing my temper in a simple conversation, disrespect my mom

And say a few things I don't mean. It's honestly a surprise I haven't been kicked out of the house yet.

(Maybe it's water withdrawals...Maybe BPA and Flouride does make a person more docile.

Read this. "" You may never want to drink water again. I've been without consistent water inducement for about 5 months. And still no "kidney stones" or "health issues" Pretty much a straight fruit, vegetable, and apple juice diet...But I am starting to form some stuff under my eyes...Maybe it's from...7am. )

Or at least gotten some sort of punishment, maybe I'm slipping through because I won't be here much longer.

Honestly sorry.
Guess I'm lucky. 

Recently ate about half of  _______

Around 12am...And have yet to feel the effects. 

Sh\t. It's 3:15.

Know I didn't wait/spend all this time/money for nothing.